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From: Michael Tan

Subject: GAMSAT Preparation - The Guru Method


Dear GAMSAT candidate,

January 3rd, 2 young women registered to take the GAMSAT exam. They were very much alike. Both had been better than average students, both were hardworking, determined and both - had a dream to be a doctor - they were committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed in the GAMSAT.

May 18th, they received their GAMSAT results.

They were very nervous about their GAMSAT results. They had studied as much as they could, and both, it turned out, applied to the same university.

But there was a difference. One of them received a GAMSAT score of 48. The other got 62. Only one of them received an interview.

What made the difference?

Do you wonder what makes this difference in the GAMSAT. It is not always intelligence, memory or commitment. It is not that one person had time to study and the other did not.

70% of the people sitting the GAMSAT in 2017 will not get the mark that will allow them to realise their dream of being a doctor. Their dreams will go unfulfilled and they will be left wondering where they went wrong. They will look at those of us who succeeded in the GAMSAT and wonder... "what made the difference?"

The difference is: HOW you prepare.

You need 2 things to succeed in the GAMSAT.

1. You need to put in the necessary time for GAMSAT preparation. I can't help you here, but if you are dedicated to becoming a doctor I am sure you will find the way.

2. You need to understand HOW to use your time to put yourself ahead of the thousands of other GAMSAT candidates.

The GAMSAT is designed to eliminate you.

It's purpose is to weed you out if you do not possess the "thinking skills" that are deemed desirable in a doctor. There are those rare few people who naturally possess this "thinking". They possess lightning fast quantitative and qualitative analysis skills that reach peak performance under stress and tight time constraints.

In short, they can succeed in the GAMSAT with little to no preparation.

These gifted people usually have no idea of their innate skills and laugh at their "good luck" all the way to becoming a doctor.

Myth #1: It is impossible to succeed in the GAMSAT with no preparation.

For the other 99% of you whom do not have this natural talent, most likely you will compensate by studying...really hard.

You will get dozens of textbooks and lock yourselves away from your family and friends for months in GAMSAT preparation. You will practise on textbook questions until you learn the material. You read the text over and over, summarising and committing it to memory. You review the syllabus cover to cover again and again until you are satisfied you have covered every single topic.

The scary thing is textbooks are superb - at what they do. They train your thinking to preparation for a "normal" exam. A normal university exam tests your comprehension of the material. You are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the topic and memorise the key facts, formulae, themes and concepts. Textbook questions are perfect at helping you memorise so you will be able to recall all that knowledge in the exam.

Myth #2: I have textbooks on biology, chemistry, physics, essay writing and English literature. I have all the resources I need.

But the GAMSAT is not a normal exam. If you study for it like a normal exam, you are already falling behind those people who UNDERSTAND how to prepare for the GAMSAT.

In the GAMSAT, most facts, formulae and concepts you need will be GIVEN to you in the questions. In fact, this is why those "gifted people" can score high in the GAMSAT with no preparation. They do not memorise anything prior to entering the exam. They possess lightning quick analysis skills that get better under stress and tight time limits.

More than that, they possess a specific strategy to tackle each and every question in the GAMSAT, and they are not even aware of this strategy. This strategy is the secret of success in the GAMSAT. The GAMSAT is not an exam about rote learning or memorisation. To be successful like the "naturals", you need to adopt a methodical step-by-step GAMSAT preparation strategy.

Myth #3: You cannot get easy marks in the GAMSAT.

The people who understand how to study for the GAMSAT know that it is not just a matter of studying chemistry, physics, biology or literature. You need to understand the GAMSAT.

You cannot predict what is going to be in the GAMSAT. The old cliché "expect the unexpected" is true for the GAMSAT. I can guarantee you there will be questions in the GAMSAT which you have not prepared for.

However, GAMSAT questions do have frequencies, patterns, tendencies and styles which you can predict. If your GAMSAT preparation covers these beforehand then you are ahead of nearly everyone else who is preparing for the GAMSAT, particularly those people who are studying from textbooks.

The GAMSAT patterns include:

  • The 4 types of questions in the GAMSAT that you must recognise to eliminate unnecessary reading time.
  • The 3 topics in biology almost certain to occur in the GAMSAT. You must prepare to deal with unexpected questions in these 3 topics.
  • The hidden physics concepts that are disguised as biology questions that you must recognise to get easy marks.
  • The one style of question guaranteed to occur in organic chemistry. This trips up over 90% of candidates but will give you easy marks if you prepare.
  • The 2 types of questions that are guaranteed to occur in Section I that you will need to learn a step-by-step methodology on how to answer.
  • The 2 essay types that you must be familiar with in order to gain the maximum marks in Section II.

The correct method for GAMSAT preparation

Would show you;

  • What preparation is needed for Section III GAMSAT Science section including all the topics needed to cover physics, biology and chemistry.
  • What GAMSAT questions look like for each topic. A manual that would specify exactly how your preparation relates to potential GAMSAT questions in each topic.
  • In depth analysis of actual Section II essays written by previous GAMSAT candidates.
  • The essential concepts that EVERY SINGLE person taking the GAMSAT must learn, this will automatically put you ahead of 50% of the people taking the test.
  • The formula for writing 10 out of 10 essays. No matter what strange and unexpected questions the GAMSAT throws your way, you will need a replicable GAMSAT preparation strategy for gaining maximum marks in Section II.
  • GAMSAT exam strategies which once understood will increase your chances by 50% on questions which you have absolutely no idea how to answer.
  • The differences between a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 out of 10 essay in GAMSAT Section II which will allow you to systematically improve your essay mark each time you practise.
  • The hidden patterns of the GAMSAT that once understood will give you an unfair advantage over the thousands of other candidates sitting the GAMSAT. This will make your preparation exceedingly efficient once you apply this knowledge.
  • How to tackle the 5 different passage types in GAMSAT Section I with a consistent methodology. This will train you to improve your GAMSAT Section I performance within the allocated time.
  • Worked solutions to GAMSAT preparation questions allowing you to see a systematic methodology to answering each individual question.
  • The tailored strategies to tackle the two question types and five passage types you will receive in Section I that will put you ahead of the vast majority of GAMSAT candidates that run out of time.
  • Custom designed Section II program that involves in-depth analysis and commentary on your written Section II essays.


"The Guru Method" GAMSAT Preparation Manuals should be the centrepiece of your GAMSAT success strategy

"The Guru Method" manuals are made up of four separate components. The core syllabus is packed into FIVE study manuals covering Section I, II & III of your GAMSAT preparation.


Biology Manual
Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Manual
General Chemistry Manual
Physics Manual
"The Guru Method" GAMSAT Preparation Sciences Study Manuals
  • Key concepts within each chapter that you need to know to tackle GAMSAT science questions.
  • GAMSAT preparation questions tailored especially to mirror the GAMSAT in each specific topic area.
  • Teaches you the most important skill that you must possess in order to answer the GAMSAT biology questions. This is not studying biology.
  • Understand the style, difficulty level and structure of GAMSAT science questions. Practise on GAMSAT preparation questions that focus on the concepts and strategies that you have just learnt.
  • The concepts and facts that will be the foundation of your GAMSAT preparation in each of the science topics.
  • Teaches you the most important skill you need to master for organic chemistry which is the core for nearly all organic chemistry questions.
  • A fully explained worked solution to every single GAMSAT preparation question in the manuals. You will never be caught with an answer that cannot be explained.
  • Detailed solutions designed around the 3-step method tailored specifically for Section III science questions. You will approach every Section III question with this.
  • Practice questions to gauge subject matter knowledge in each chapter. Identify your weaknesses in key concept areas.
  • Illustrative questions that demonstrate the concepts and strategies summarised in each chapter and how to apply it to the GAMSAT.
  • 12 chapters of the key topics in Physics you need preparation for.
  • 9 chapters of the key topics in General Chemistry you need preparation for.
  • 4 chapters of the key topics in Organic Chemistry you need preparation for.
  • 14 chapters of the key topics in Biology you need preparation for.


Section I and II
Section I & II Manual
"The Guru Method" GAMSAT Preparation Section I & II Study Manual
  • Learn exactly how to write a GAMSAT essay. I teach you the step-by-step method that anyone can use from seeing the question to writing the last sentence.
  • Learn how to take advantage of the one section that is neglected most often by candidates in their GAMSAT preparation.
  • Specially designed GAMSAT preparation passages and questions to educate you on the material that the GAMSAT can throw your way.
  • Step-by-step method of choosing the best quote for the essay- You won't waste time figuring out which quotes to use and what you should write about.
  • See exactly what is done to turn a poor 5 out of 10 essay into a sparkling 10 out of 10 essay. See the essay transform before your eyes as every part of the essay is critiqued and edited.
  • Read a 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 out of 10 GAMSAT essay, and read the critiques for each one. Really understand what's in the "guts" of a GAMSAT essay.
  • Worked solution showing you exactly how the answer is derived. Full explanation of every single GAMSAT question in the manual.
  • The systematic approach to knowing what to write in your essays, never wonder what to write in your essay on exam day.

GAMSAT preparation Questions for each topic!

In order to succeed in the GAMSAT, you will need to learn how to apply everything you have learnt on GAMSAT preparation questions. The GAMSAT is actually not testing whether you can memorise the most material. You need to be practising on questions that are structured meticulously so that they mimic exactly the types of questions that you will likely get in the GAMSAT.

If you can't turn your preparation into successfully answering questions in the GAMSAT within the time limits, then it doesn't matter how much you studied.


Section I & II <br>Practice Questions
Section I & II Practice Questions
Section III <br>Practice Questions
Section III Practice Questions
"The Guru Method" GAMSAT Preparation Workbooks
  • Practise on GAMSAT preparation questions. Questions that are specifically written to mimic real GAMSAT questions.
  • GAMSAT preparation questions that are categorised by section & topic, making it easy for you to train for weaknesses in your GAMSAT preparation.
  • You will never be faced with an answer that you cannot understand. All solutions have fully worked 3-step methodology that is taught in all "The Guru Method" manuals.
  • Practise on topics and concepts that are likely to occur in the GAMSAT. Focus on the questions that will help you in the actual GAMSAT.
  • Practise on GAMSAT preparation questions that accurately mimic the difficulty level of the actual GAMSAT in all three sections.
  • 100 UNITS and 435 pages of GAMSAT preparation questions and fully worked solutions covering all three sections in the GAMSAT.



Essential knowledge about the GAMSAT

Scoring well in the GAMSAT is not just about preparation, there are lots of things you need to be aware of on exam day that could be crucial to how you score.


Essentials Manual
"The Guru Method" GAMSAT Preparation Essentials Manual
  • GAMSAT time limits are the single biggest factor in your success, how to avoid falling into the many "time traps" built into the GAMSAT, giving you an immeasurable advantage over those who go into the GAMSAT unaware.
  • Secrets to questions that "give away" wrong (or right) answers- You get credit for some questions without really even knowing anything about them.
  • Learn why, when, and how to guess to your advantage - You may not like guessing, but when it's necessary, you'll be using a proven method
  • How to use the 5 core manuals in the most effective way for your GAMSAT preparation, ensures that you are utilising the resources to succeed.
  • You will get the entire syllabus that I have researched that is designed so you focus on the topics that are most likely to appear in the GAMSAT.
  • You will get specifically selected GAMSAT preparation essay quotes to prepare you for the GAMSAT, these GAMSAT essay questions are designed to stretch you so that the GAMSAT essay quotes do not surprise you.


Section II essay coaching program

Section II is a unique part of the GAMSAT since it is the only section of the GAMSAT that is NOT multiple choice. Some would even call this section "subjective". It presents a very unique challenge in GAMSAT Preparation since it is extremely difficult for you to "dissect" your own essays, it is even harder for you to "figure out" how to improve your essays without external assessment. That's why Section II is one of the most underprepared sections in the GAMSAT.

Most candidates will not even think of adopting a rigorous training regimen towards Section II. This is huge mistake since Section II is a critical area in which you can substantially increase your GAMSAT marks over other candidates because it requires external analysis to make effective use of your preparation.


Section I & II <br>Section II essay coaching program
Six professional Essay Analyses as part of Section II Essay Coaching
Essays + Analysis from <br>GAMSAT 2016 candidates
GAMSAT 2016 candidates' Essays + Analyses
"The Guru Method" Section II Essay coaching program
  • From October through March, you will be given a syllabus of SIX essay topics that you will write under exam conditions and then submit for analysis.
  • Essay analysis will provide a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses and specifically tell you prescriptive advice on action steps for you to implement to improve your next essay.
  • A whole book of essays & accompanying analysis of 2016 GAMSAT candidates enrolled in the essay coaching program.
  • Benchmark your own essays against the competition and see how you stack up, this takes away the "subjective" element of Section II scoring.
  • See how the same Section II question can be approached by candidates in different ways, and the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.
  • You can follow the schedule I have set or you can progress at your own pace, whether doing them at regular intervals or focusing on an intense period before the GAMSAT.


Don't take my word for it

Here are a small selection of correspondences I have received from GAMSAT candidates who have used "The Guru Method" to achieve success in the GAMSAT.

"The Guru Method" is focused specifically on your GAMSAT preparation

Faizal M, London, U.K.

"I acknowledge with thanks receipt of Guru Method study manuals. They are very interesting. I'm spending most of my time reading them. If I had them earlier the GAMSAT would have been a guaranteed success for me! Nevermind they are like gold to me.

I want other people to benefit from your precious study materials!"

"The Guru Method" makes the difference in preparation

Karen C, VIC, Australia

"When I first started researching what the gamsat stuff was all about, the material I found was kind of all over the place. It did not walk you through it like your manuals do.

Also I think the number one problem with material available on the gamsat is "where do you start studying?"

'Guru Method' really gives you a nice starting point, you know where to start and it gives you the pointers on 'how' to solve it. Other stuff shows you the workings out but doesn't step it out like yours.

I think you have got a fantastic format, this is what makes 'Guru Method' so attractive and so unique.

Considering people from non-science degrees can sit the gamsat, 'Guru Method' will really suit them and they will be craving to get their hands on it."

"The Guru Method" is comprehensive AND effective

Amanda N, NSW, Australia

" I just wanted to let you know how great I found The Guru Method Manuals.

I had several sets of GAMSAT preparation materials. I used *******, ******* and everything else I could get my hands on but I found that Guru Method was more comprehensive. In particular, the GAMSAT-style questions gave me great practise.

Your manuals were the best GAMSAT resource that I used.

I had no science background at all, yet I achieved 80 in the science section (96 and 90 in the other sections).

I really believe that my score was mainly due to Guru Method.

The Guru Method really made me more effective in directing me to study the things that was going to make a difference in the GAMSAT. It made me aware that what I needed most of all were analytical skills that were very much GAMSAT-attuned. I didn't try to memorise extraneous information, this would have interfered with my memory and my ability to approach the questions as problem-solving exercises.

Thank you very much. "

Ok, I am convinced, give me "The Guru Method" GAMSAT Preparation Manuals right now!


DO NOT lose sight of why "The Guru Method" exists in the first place. You need to learn HOW and WHAT to study in order to succeed. Nothing else matters. The GAMSAT is not a normal exam in which you can just rote learn knowledge through textbooks.

On this website I have only been able to skim the surface of what is in "The Guru Method". Every single topic is meticulously researched so that you get the best information to help you succeed in the GAMSAT.

For example, do you know the typical questions the GAMSAT will ask in Section III Organic Chemistry? This will be explained in a short and concise approach on page 42 in the Organic Chemistry manual.

The same is true for every single topic that is covered in "The Guru Method". You get information that literally could make the difference between success and failure in the GAMSAT.


If you are still sceptical then...




The fact is if you don't believe that "The Guru Method" GAMSAT Preparation Manuals has helped you significantly towards achieving your goal of becoming a doctor then you shouldn't have to spend your money... you deserve to ask for a full refund.

I think that's only fair. I don't want anybody feeling like they did not get what they paid for.

Was $299
  • Six Core Syllabus Manuals
  • Two GAMSAT Style Workbooks
  • 2017 Essays Manual
  • Essentials Manual
Was $499
  • Six Core Syllabus Manuals
  • Two GAMSAT Style Workbooks
  • 2017 Essays Manual
  • Essentials Manual
  • 2017-2018 Essay Coaching course
  • 2016-2017 Essay Coaching course


Once your order is processed via the secure order form, your package will be rushed to you via courier (usually next business day).

(you should expect it a little longer if you are outside Australia, usually 3-4 working days to the UK & Ireland).

The Guru Method GAMSAT Preparation Manuals

*The Guru Method is the complete, A-to-Z, step-by-step course on how to prepare and succeed in ALL sections of the GAMSAT.
New edition 2017-2018

Best of success,


Michael Tan


P.S. If you are serious about succeeding in the GAMSAT, then you need to get the Guru Method right now. Try it yourself risk-free. And if you're not completely satisfied then you can return the manuals within 30 days for an unconditional full refund.

P.P.S. Regardless of whether or not you are buying "The Guru Method", it is very helpful for you to sign up for the free 10-day GAMSAT Preparation email mini-course.

"The Guru Method" 10-day GAMSAT Preparation mini-course

I'm sorry there isn't enough room on this web site to teach you everything I want to about how to succeed in the GAMSAT.

I've put together a 10-day mini-course to teach you how to prepare for the GAMSAT. And this mini-course is yours FREE.

You will receive Day 1 - "The GAMSAT Syllabus" right away after you sign up.

Day 1 :What do I need to study to succeed in the GAMSAT?

Day 2 :How should I study for the GAMSAT?

Day 3 :I work full time and I am sitting the GAMSAT, how do I do that?

Day 4 :I am studying full time and I am sitting the GAMSAT, what do I do?

Day 5 :I am an ESL (Non English speaking background) GAMSAT candidate, how do I succeed?

Day 6 :I am ESL and I can't understand Section I, show me a way all my other English teachers haven't.

Day 7 :I suck at essays, what's the easiest way I can improve?

Day 8 :I don't have a science background, how do I tackle the GAMSAT?

Day 9 :Ok, what other resources do I need for the GAMSAT?

Day 10 :What is the step-by-step plan for me to succeed in the GAMSAT?

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